Research Initiatives

FAPTP collects data from member institutions to conduct epidemiologic studies, clinical trials, and cancer-control protocols.

Epidemiologic Studies:
The Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS) captures data from patients treated outside the FAPTP system and can be linked with the SPIRS data to study a larger patient base. With the combined data set, FAPTP staff can better identify the incidence of pediatric cancer in Florida. Studies and projects currently open include:

  • calculating the incidence of pediatric cancer in each of Florida’s 67 counties to identify temporal or geographic trends that warrant further investigation
  • examining possible association between environmental hazards and potential cancer clusters

Clinical Trials:
FAPTP sites actively participate in clinical treatment trials from the Children’s Oncology Research Base.

Cancer-Control Protocols:
FAPTP is also involved in the development of new cancer-control studies and works closely with the Suncoast CCOP Research Base. Two current studies have been approved by the NCI for cancer-control credit as intergroup studies with COG.

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